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Roots blower matters needing attention of choose and buy

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  With the computational fluid dynamics and the rapid development of computer technology, by using CFD software FLUENT, the RNG K - Σ turbulence model and PISO algorithm, the researchers of roots blower internal air flow field in the compressible unsteady flow dynamic numerical simulation of the numerical simulation and theoretical analysis of the comparison results to verify the numerical analysis method has good accuracy and reliability, can involve the reflect the change of internal turbulence flow fan, reveals the actual situation of the internal flow fan, better able to improve the performance of roots blower. Roots blower of choose and buy is mainly according to the flow, pressure head to choose, at the same time satisfy the installation, noise and other requirements. General is to choose form first, such as centrifugal or axial flow. To select models, mainly according to the flow, pressure head, whether to cut blade, how much electricity pause, etc. Finally, noise and other requirements. First, to analyze process on the requirements of the wind, is a constant flow for wind or constant pressure air supply, technology on the extent to which these parameters strictly, once these parameters are destroyed, how the severity of the consequences. Roots blower fan, belongs to the constant flow work is the main parameters of air volume, output pressure along with the change of pipeline and the load change, volume change is very small. Fan, centrifugal fan belongs to the constant pressure work is the main parameters of wind pressure, the output of air volume changes over pipe and load, wind pressure. When these parameters are destroyed, the consequence is serious, you need to take the auxiliary measures, such as: add voltage regulator valve, discharge valve, alarm device and automatic stop device, etc. Generally large sewage treatment plant selection of centrifugal, single air volume, high efficiency and, of course, investment is relatively large; General small sewage treatment plant roots, single air volume, lower efficiency, and the relatively small investment. To see what is the process, if it is CAST or SBR roots blower under the condition of changing water level with frequency conversion is the most energy-efficient, if it is A/O process to the water level constant with centrifugal fan with high efficiency, because of the centrifuge by frequency conversion can only flow, not the pressure, roots blower through frequency conversion flow and pressure can be adjusted. So it depends on technology, of course, also want to see the money, the centrifuge biro blowers expensive. The fan air volume of about 40 m3 / min belongs to small fan fan, roots blower should suffice, centrifuge in more than 100 m3 / min to show its advantage on energy consumption, in the small flow on both price and energy consumption are roots are more practical. The flow of roots blower, air pressure, power, and the centrifugal fan, A completely different fan flow generally change is not big, big pressure changes in, pressure increases, the shaft power; And at the time of the pressure centrifugal fan, axial power decreases. Absolutely not mingled with small valve to reduce the air volume and air pressure, can install a vent, through the vent to adjust the volume of the aeration tank. Why not use down to reduce the air volume and air pressure of the valve? Can make the fan motor temperature rise is too large, so that burning motor. Can be inquired about the fan manufacturer. Generally adopt a vent valve, release the gas, and not in use if dispatch valves are small, it will make the fan motor temperature rise is too large, so that burning motor.

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