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  Is a kind of three leaves roots blowers double impeller synchronous compression machines, each of the 3 leaf type rotor with two bearings, using a pair of synchronous gears, the relative position of two rotor always remain the same. Is a positive displacement blower, compulsory gas transmission characteristics. As a rotary machinery, three leaves roots blowers with stable performance, rotor and rotor three leaves roots blowers, rotor and the pump body, has a tiny space between the rotor and the side cover, and therefore there is no friction, working cavity without fretting wear parts; Economic and durable three leaves roots blowers, without lubrication, long service life, good dynamic balance. Run six times a week I suck exhaust process, high volume efficiency. Simple structure, convenient in operation and maintenance, don't need internal lubrication, the transmission medium is not oily, etc. Pump rotor bearing adopts a reliable anti-backlash structure, dynamic balance of rotating parts in detail, and USES the high precision of helical gear, therefore, stable operation, low noise, use a more reliable, long-term operation under high pressure difference.

  - three leaves roots blowers zhangqiu yi tai machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of roots blower ZLSR company. Its main products are roots blower, roots blower, and three leaves roots blowers three-blade roots blower, high pressure blower, ZLSR, three leaves roots blowers ZLSR fan is my company to design, development, production of a highly efficient, energy saving, environmental protection and new products. This wind turbine parts adopt numerical control machining center for processing, and has advanced detection equipment and high-quality personnel, to ensure that each factory equipment and have high quality, high service life. The company to provide you with perfect pre-sales consulting and after-sale tracking service, for every customer to remove trouble back at home, the new and old customers get the praise. My company is located in the east of jinan MingShui, jinan-qingdao road north, 18 kilometers away from jiqing expressway, jiaoji railway traverses MingShui city, traffic is very convenient. Welcome all customers to visit my company guidance, business negotiations.

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