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Parse the structure and operation of three leaves roots blowers matters need to be aware of when - yi tai machinery is recommended

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  Is a kind of three leaves roots blowers double impeller synchronous compression machines, each of the 3 leaf type rotor with two bearings, using a pair of synchronous gears, the relative position of two rotor always remain the same. Is a positive displacement blower, compulsory gas transmission characteristics. As a rotary machinery, three leaves roots blowers with stable performance, rotor and rotor three leaves roots blowers, rotor and the pump body, has a tiny space between the rotor and the side cover, and therefore there is no friction, working cavity without fretting wear parts; Economic and durable three leaves roots blowers, without lubrication, long service life, good dynamic balance. Run six times a week I suck exhaust process, high volume efficiency. Simple structure, convenient in operation and maintenance, don't need internal lubrication, the transmission medium is not oily, etc. Pump rotor bearing adopts a reliable anti-backlash structure, dynamic balance of rotating parts in detail, and USES the high precision of helical gear, therefore, stable operation, low noise, use a more reliable, long-term operation under high pressure difference. Dynamic sealing parts adopt imported patented technology, and USES the import oil seal, the beating quantity between the shaft seal is less than 0.01 mm.

  1, check before starting the:

  (1) check the connection bolt, nut elastic.

  (2) check reducer lubrication conditions, make the oil level is at the core of standard oil.

  (3) check the belt tension and pulley reverse biased.

  (4) check the power supply voltage and frequency.

  (5) check if the instrument is normal, if there is any abnormal timely notify the maintenance personnel change.

  (6) the main valve on the pipeline, the need to run the fan outlet valve is opened, the other is not running of fan outlet valve in the "closed" state, avoid the over load operation of the fan, the machine is damaged.

  2, check the boot:

  (1) if you need the fan running "frequency", then only need to put on the electric cabinet fan switch to "power frequency" file, and then press the "start" button, the other fan switch and the inverter switch to "stop", pay attention to in the "start" button before be sure to check the running fan outlet valve is open, press the "start" button of the blower fan are consistent with actual instance.

  (2) if you need the fan running "frequency", the switch of the converter to overthrow the "start" button, and then put on the electric cabinet after the blower switch hit the "frequency" file, pay attention to other fan switch in the "stop", before the switch to "frequency" file must check the operation of the fan outlet valve is opened, the "frequency" button of the blower fan are consistent with actual instance.

  (3) after the fan running (typically take 1 minute of time), then the closing of the exhaust valve slowly, to avoid the closing too fast, cause instantaneous electric current too big fan motor burn out.

  3, in the operation of inspection:

  (1) adjust the inlet valve of the contact oxidation pool, make uniform aeration;

  (2) the control of dissolved oxygen in 2 ~ 4 mg/L (by dissolved oxygen meter reading).

  (3) the early because of the lubricating oil viscosity and have high noise and current situation, run 10 to 20 minutes to go away.

  (4) the flow cannot adjust by switch valve. The fan is cubage type compressor, by adjusting the rotational speed to change the flow and shaft power;

  (5) in a normally closed state, the switch of pressure for pressure gauge switch can be opened when the pressure is measured.

  (6) the same aircraft noise also has difference, because the location of the fan in the machinery room and piping of the differences will cause the noise.

  4, shutdown check:

  (1) open slowly "vent valve to open."

  (2) press the "stop" button on the electric cabinet.

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