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The composition and working principle of roots blower is what?

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  Roots blower consists of chassis, panels, impeller, import and export of muffler etc. 4 major part.

  Chassis: mainly used to support the wallboard, impeller, mufflers and fixed.

  Wall: mainly used to connect to casing and impeller, and support the rotation of the impeller, and end face sealing effect.

  Rotating part of the roots blower impeller: is divided into two leaves and trilobites, but as a result of 3 leaf is smaller than the lobes of gas pulsation, low noise, stable running and so on a lot of advantages, has been gradually instead of two leaves roots blower.

  Muffler: with ronaldinho, into, out of the air flow pulsation of the fan noise.

  Roots blower is one of the types of positive displacement blower, have two three-blade impeller in the chassis and wallboard relative rotation in the sealed space, because of each impeller is involute, or epicycloid envelope for impeller processing line, three of each impeller blade is exactly the same, at the same time two impeller is exactly the same, thus greatly reduce the processing difficulty. Impeller when machining using CNC equipment, to ensure the two impeller under the condition of center distance constant, no matter what two impeller rotation to the position, can maintain a certain amount of minimum clearance, to ensure that the gas leak within the scope of the permit.

  Two opposite rotating impeller, the impeller and the impeller, the impeller and casing, minimal clearance between impeller and wall panel, so that the air inlet formed the vacuum state, under the action of atmospheric pressure air into the intake cavity, and then, two of each impeller blade with panels, chassis form a sealed cavity, the air inlet chamber in the process of rotating impeller, seal chamber continuously formed by two blades to exhaust cavity, and because the exhaust chamber impeller are mutually meshing, thus the air squeeze out between the two blades, so running continuously, air is continuously from the inlet to the outlet, this is the whole process of roots blower.

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